A.R.S. 8-202Jurisdiction of juvenile court

A. The juvenile court has original jurisdiction over all delinquency proceedings brought under the authority of this title.

B. The juvenile court has exclusive original jurisdiction over all proceedings brought under the authority of this title except for delinquency proceedings.

C. The juvenile court may consolidate any matter, except that the juvenile court shall not consolidate any of the following:

1. A criminal proceeding that is filed in another division of superior court and that involves a child who is subject to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

2. A delinquency proceeding with any other proceeding that does not involve delinquency, unless the juvenile delinquency adjudication proceeding is not heard at the same time or in the same hearing as a nondelinquency proceeding.

D. The juvenile court has jurisdiction of proceedings to obtain judicial consent to the marriage, employment or enlistment in the armed services of a child, if consent is required by law.

E. The juvenile court has jurisdiction over both civil traffic violations and offenses listed in section 8-323, subsection B that are committed within the county by persons under eighteen years of age unless the presiding judge of the county declines jurisdiction of these cases. The presiding judge of the county may decline jurisdiction of civil traffic violations committed within the county by juveniles if the presiding judge finds that the declination would promote the more efficient use of limited judicial and law enforcement resources located within the county. If the presiding judge declines jurisdiction, juvenile civil traffic violations shall be processed, heard and disposed of in the same manner and with the same penalties as adult civil traffic violations.

F. The orders of the juvenile court under the authority of this chapter or chapter 3, 5 or 10 of this title take precedence over any order of any other court of this state except the court of appeals and the supreme court to the extent that they are inconsistent with orders of other courts.

G. Except as otherwise provided by law, jurisdiction of a child that is obtained by the juvenile court in a proceeding under this chapter or chapter 3, 5 or 10 of this title shall be retained by it, for the purposes of implementing the orders made and filed in that proceeding, until the child becomes eighteen years of age, unless terminated by order of the court before the child's eighteenth birthday.

H. Persons who are under eighteen years of age shall be prosecuted in the same manner as adults if either:

1. The juvenile court transfers jurisdiction pursuant to section 8-327.

2. The juvenile is charged as an adult with an offense listed in section 13-501.