Personal Injury? -- Personal Lawyer. Practice areas include injuries due to auto accidents, slip and fall, dangerous conditions, product liability and select medical malpractice cases. 


Ethics and the Attorney, These words are not a contradiction in terms. First and foremost, we know that you don't need an 'ambulance chaser' after you have been injured in an accident --- you were just in ambulance possibly; what you need is an honest attorney who understands your situation and fights tirelessly for you. Handling personal injury cases well takes time and patience; such cases must not be handled like an assembly line product. You will actually know and speak to your attorney, and not intake case handlers for most of your case. If an attorney does not truly know her client, she can't properly represent them.

Fees:  We don't discount fees drastically such that we have to take more cases than we can handle. This  makes us have to take volumes of cases, and then we don't have time to spend on your case.  Our fees are fair based upon the level of attention given to your case. All our personal injury and wrongful death fees are contingency-based.  This means no legal fee unless we recover funds for you.   

Going it alone: Please do not handle a personal injury case on your own! The insurance company representative may be very friendly but it is NOT their job to protect your interests.

Attorney Lynn Pucino was once a plaintiff injured in an accident years ago. She found that when she went to a large firm with big advertising, her case did not get the attention it needed. The face that appears on the billboard or bus stop may not even be your attorney. In my opinion, law firms with a gigantic advertising budget have to grow so large and take in mass quantities of clientele in order to cover the advertising budget. The client can become a little file in a big ocean. Stick with a solo or  small firm that can give your case the attention you deserve. 


​Dear Potential Client:


History: When I became an attorney over 25 years ago, in my opinion the profession of law was more dignified. The big advertisers are rarely the better lawyers; you can't take a bus or a billboard into the courtroom. None of those things matter when searching the heart of your client in order to tell their story. Good lawyers get the best cases based upon REPUATION FOR INTEGRITY, TALENT AND RESULTS -- not big billboards.  

It is my goal that clients of Pucino Law Office know I care and work tirelessly. And to those who are sheepish about making a claim, please reconsider. If the negligent party has already paid for insurance coverage; nobody wins if the injured party does not pursue a claim except an insurance/investment company profit margin, as then the  negligent party paid his premiums for nothing.

Our legal system is an honorable and just way of providing compensation to those whose lives have been effected by someone else's negligence.  Do not be deterred by a few in the legal profession who have insulted it with tasteless advertisements. A personal injury case is a dignified way to right a wrong, and because no fee is charge unless the injured party prevails by settlement or verdict, it is a system of pure justice that can't be bought. The best lawyers are available to the poor; the only requirement is a meritorious case!  There is perhaps no other practice area of law that can boast of this honorable truth about personal injury lawyers. 

Therefore don't delay in contacting me to help you with your case. CALL TODAY! (602)424-5726.